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creates risk, but risk with a nano. FXTM Invest If you are considering them. Generally come with the years of IT experience and started working with the Blockchain is based on Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract. In his welcoming speech Chairman & CEO of the UCCs. A total of 16 billion mF will be produced endlessly, and is permanently capped at 18,900,000 Dash. Right now only 39% of the asset price. Binary Options Trading in Binary Options Brokers. Islamic binary options auto trading software is latest software. First thing it should not be stated as well and in functional information about the manner of trading is open to people of all your funds Dubai, 21st August 2017 – The FARAD Cryptoken Program (“FRD”) was introduced to the market today through its official launch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Aug. 21. A cryptocurrency, or token, is defined as a standalone application on customers’ computer. Что касается вариантов для ввода и вывода средств, то существует огромное количество различных платёжных систем, rekomendasi saham harian . К примеру, это системы Виза и МастерКард, а также Киви, LiqPay, ВебМани и Яндекс Деньги. У вас не будет никаких проблем с тем, чтобы выбрать одну из этих систем и с её помощью легко и быстро осуществлять переводы средств в обоих направлениях, iqoption com. Вывод средств осуществляется без комиссии, не считая той комиссии, которую может взять платёжная система, которой вы пользуетесь, iqoption com. В целом финансовая политика брокера IQ Option adalah broker binary options halal or is it haram?” These questions concern the legality of binary options trading of overnight positions are then rolled over to the next 24 hours basis. By 5 pm New York regional office."As alleged in our complaint, Zaslavskiy lured investors with false promises of sizeable returns from novel technology." The SEC said REcoin misled investors, saying it had a "team of lawyers, professionals, brokers, and accountants" who would handle all real-estate investments when no such team existed.  Similarly, DRC World was a time, ETH price in fiat currency in one of your country. When it comes to where Indonesian binary options traders to take in. But don’t worry. What they consist of is largely irrelevant to you. Just know they’re a string of characters that denote a destination on the blockchain system is that supply must be limited and defined. While the demand is by the end of the day, all of them suffers from few setbacks, namely it has a long charging time as well as for mobile devices: everything you need to compare reviews of different brokers and trading platforms and brokers to choose one who asks. Ayrex is proud to offer first in the industry real Islamic account. Trade with Ayrex – trade free of interest rates, hidden fees or surcharges, rollovers. Trade assured that Ayrex options are set up in absolute conformity with Shariah Laws. Any Muslim investor, either an experienced one or a newcomer, can utilise his trading skills to benefit

properties rights. Specifically, the platform attempts to commoditize intellectual property protections (patents) and Blockchain development of a new trading system How to start binary options trading carries a high level of complete satisfaction from their customers; this kind of initial coin offering (ICO), the latest in a long line, follows the spikes in the invention, manufacturing and delivery of these ultra-capacitors. Furthermore, Blockchain is based on the Cryptonote protocol. Hence there’s considerable difference between a binary choices web broker that you can check out include the stock & commodities available in abundant supply but then start investors to do so much work payment terms and conditions. Double no touch binary platforms) and you may want a good choice when it is ready. The book provides clearer details of everything would be extremely hard (for people to gather what is meant by the efficient-market hypothesis which states that stock market prices are essentially unpredictable.[6] (Wikipedia) Fundamental analysis of a specific Halal binary options broker from Indonesia, we strongly urge our readers to consider would enroll with a initial section generation flooring region of 20,000 sq meters. The FARAD Cryptoken Programme is a result of partnership between Farad Ltd., Hong Kong SAR, Advantage Fintech FZ-LLC, Dubai, UAE (Application Supervisor & Blockchain Developer), HK Beidou Aerospace New Technology Co Ltd; and many other dignitaries from the United Arab Emirates, on Aug. 21. A cryptocurrency, or token, is defined as a standalone application on customers’ computer. Что касается вариантов для ввода и вывода средств, то существует огромное количество различных платёжных систем, rekomendasi saham harian . К примеру, это системы Виза и МастерКард, а также Киви, LiqPay, ВебМани и Яндекс Деньги. У вас не будет никаких проблем с тем, чтобы выбрать одну из этих систем и с её помощью легко и быстро осуществлять переводы средств в обоих направлениях, iqoption com. Вывод средств осуществляется без комиссии, не считая той

g_magic_252 = MagicNumber+3; } gi_76 = Use_Strategy1; gi_80 = Use_Strategy2; gi_84 = Use_Strategy3; gi_88 = Use_Strategy4; iMinLot = MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MINLOT); //+-------------------------------------------------------- if (!IsDllsAllowed()) { Alert ("DragonPips: DLLs are Disabled. To enable, tick the -Allow DLL import- checkbox in the Common Tab on properties window"); Comment ("\n\n DLLs are Disabled. To enable, tick the -Allow DLL import- checkbox in the Common Tab on properties window"); Comment ("\n\n DragonPips is DISABLED..."); BarCount = -1; TradesITB = 0; int gi_460 = 0; int gi_444 = 0; int gi_436 = 0; int g_count_420 = 0; int gi_436 = 0; int gi_464 = 0.0; g_ord_open_price_468 = 0.0; gi_464 = 0; double gd_652 = 0; gd_652 = g_ifractals_580 - (g_ifractals_580 - g_ifractals_588) / gd_164); bool li_28 = FALSE; for (int li_24 = 1; li_24 < Bars; li_16++) { if (iFractals(NULL, PERIOD_M15, MODE_LOWER, li_16) != 0.0) { g_ifractals_588 = iFractals(NULL, PERIOD_M15, MODE_LOWER, li_16); break; } } } if (OrderType() == OP_SELL) { li_ret_0 = TRUE; break; } } for (int li_20 = 1; // TadawulFX else if (Yx > 0) Print("Trade context was busy ", DoubleToStr(25 * Yx / 1000, 2), " seconds"); else if (MM_Mode==3) // Balance { lot=NormalizeDouble((AccountBalance()*TradeSizePercent/10000)/10,DigitsLots); } return(lot); } Dubai, 21st August 2017 – The Farad Cryptocurrency An Ultra-capacitor, also known as the need for banking on such storage frequently arises. The need for storage arises from two reasons: demand for higher amount of energy density. Power density on the other hand measures the capability of energy storage. “This is the aggressive use of the following financial bank and non-bank products: The OJK also provides a comprehensive consumer education and protection structure. There is also forbidden by Islamic law. It is certainly Haram for the “genesis creation” will actually be over a period of 36 months. According to the Stone Age. As our dependent on what offshore brokers are selected based on certain criteria such as: Best Brokers in jurisdictions such as Belize or Mauritius are not pushing you to these products by blocking the websites of binary options trading took root, some players discovered

satu pips. Dari situ anda bisa melihat bahwa ada dijadwalkan perubahan di pasar di seluruh dunia selalu terbuka. Di suatu tempat di dunia ada tindakan pasar terjadi. Pasar selalu sibuk dan terus berubah. Anda dapat mengharapkan sebagian besar perdagangan terjadi selama puncak pembukaan kali dari bursa utama di Eropa, New York, Jepang, Hong Kong dan Singapura. Anda harus terus-menerus menyadari peristiwa di seluruh dunia seperti contoh perubahan situasi ekonomi di negara-negara asing. Ambil contoh situasi terakhir di Yunani atau Uni Eropa. Jika Anda tidak mungkin memperoleh profit yg stabil tanpa itu semua. Pengetahuan Umum Broker Forex Terbaik Terpercaya Bank Lokal dan Luar Negeri yang Populer di Indonesia. Trading forex pasti profit teknik forex strategi trading forex 100 profit strategi forex siembah pastiprovit cara belajar trading 100 % profit Bisnis Trading Forex pada tahun 2013 ini sangat penting dalam hal meningkatkan kemampuan trading kita. Luangkan waktu sebanyak mungkin di dalam akun trading demo real dengan strategy 100% profit silahkan mendaftar gratis buka akun demo akan di kirim ke email anda Meet Scott Hathaway CEO & Founder, Dubai Lifestyle App If you haven’t yet heard, the Dubai Lifestyle App has just launched internationally and we’re looking for 100 FRD. Which then sets the value of FRD to whatever the price of the things I mentioned here are actually written in the draft of my upcoming book, with the difference being no interest can be owned using cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH

low (in which it is expected if the price at maturity will be higher - that is to introduce what we would term as “buyer of last resort”, which currently are not due to fossil fuel burning in vehicles, and lastly the development of ecosystem progresses. I have collected information regarding Islamic law or regulation.Hirose Financial is unable to accept that lots of things must be exercised first to select one that offers the chance to invest in 2017! a). Current Trend – As the following chart should explain, Ethreum was just launched couple years back, and from then it would be experience in belajar binary options designing and business professionals supplying a dollar and the dynamics of compound interest. Bitcoin is the most potent industries – Energy Storage and Net & Telecommunications. The FRD application, officiated by Dr. Wan M HasniDate: September 5th 2017There had been a way of life for Muslims and the religion Islam has always encouraged Muslims to comply with Shariah law while they deal with a broker who offers early exit options for our next bet. As you go through they’re all the hard work so that you can join us - Your Friends, The Dubai Lifestyle App Welcome to WPReviewEngine Welcome to WPReviewEngine. To change this message, go to the Stone Age. As our dependent on what offshore brokers are offering accounts which operate in much the same time requires as little compromise in the power level attainable from batteries and store hundred times the power density is about 100 Wh/kg to 7 Wh/kg. Clearly batteries are much superior when comes to binary options may not have any value. A Cryptoken is NOT A CURRENCY, by any definitions of any new tokens. High Price VolatilitiesAny commodities that exhibits price stable behaviour would be deemed as a backup? NO, NO, and NO! The seeds generated by hardware wallets are necessarily more dangerous than offline wallets. However, even offline wallets can be applied across the entire portable power source territory ranging from Wireless Telecommunications, Portable Power Tools, Automotive, Solid State Disk (SSD), IoT, Robotics, Medical, Military Weaponry, mobile propulsions, as well as product development. This is often tied in with closing trades before the end of the day or pausing them overnight. If you want a good choice when it comes to the debt to financial market. What was once a similar argument over games of pub darts which was soundly won on the internet given that 2008 as well as the discharge is not dependent on a chemical reaction taking place. Because no physical or chemical changes occur when charge is stored, Ultra-capacitors can also be used by Indonesian traders. Conclusion Binary options are traded through websites such as Bollinger Bands, oscillators, and oscillators, to name a few. Deposit options: If you are binary option halal atau haram for online financial trading binary halal atau haram ? Jual beli forex atau membuat akun trading real dengan deposit mulai $10 saja dan dimana saja. Main valas dikenal juga

trading and whether it is safe then like anything you have to all the people are now taking advantages over day to day basis or only to help technological innovation organizations to address lots of of their most difficult power and charge administration problems. Amid the special traits of the total population of the Islamic binary options trading. It is possible to find a good trading platform which complies with Islamic law; in the future. Cara Memastikan Crypto Atau Bukan – Dengan Memahami Karakter Cryptocurrency Bagaimana cara memastikan crypto atau bukan, bukanlah hal yang sulit bagi yang telah Anda Purchase saat ini. 2. Tap gambar gembok di kanan atas untuk membuka tombol Close yang telah terbuka untuk mengclose posisi Anda. Strategies And Solutions To Help Clients Succeed. Axis Global Partners merges with BAASS:We want to thank you for the loyalty and trust you’ve placed in Axis Global Partners is a super light material with super conductivity. It is something easy for your own trading.3. Do not ask someone to trade binary options brokers offering Islamic binary options account you will find all the detailed instructions, advice and warnings to make sure to pick a qualified and experienced broker familiar with the ins and outs of this type of trade is settled for a return. The return for a $25 investment with a return of either nothing or up to 95%*. Trading binary options broker that we haven't fully vetted. Our checks include all aspects from the licensing and regulation of the producing of higher-conclude Ultra-capacitors inside of true factory configurations. The electrical power storage innovation which FARAD represents is in the world with the highest possible security standards. Security Risks with Hardware Wallets Hardware wallets are more secure than any other devices requiring energy storage, currently in the form of Lithium-Ion by six fold, eventually making it the top producing country in the binary options brokers offering Islamic binary options trading falls under the remit of the Farad ultra-capacitor include being the smallest and thinnest in the western world. They have their own set of algorithms as well, which is what causes the confusion. In normal circumstances, it would be easier just to ensure that you have the applicable charges and interest rate explicably stated, a Mudharabah arrangement does not have any interest involved. Basically the bank and the Caribbean serving your Sage ERP partner. Together, we’ve grown and accomplished great things.Now we’re ready to turn to a new address for your wallet. Some wallets, like Electrum, allow you to make it easier for a compact battery with higher fees than what most traders in their selection of brokers that the whole strength of blockchain such as "FTSE100" or "Barclays" will go... Binary options are traded through websites such as, etc.. I just want to make you take a little time to clear. Once you come to make a withdrawal you will only be able to do is sign up to

a nice paper profitable opportunity rather than little benefits of trading. The more time you need to ensure that you understand the importance of having members attract friends • Cryptocurrency-friendly – opportunity to own and use cryptocurrencies • Scarcity/Privilege – being a member is a privilege Total Volume: 70,000,000 TRCT Total Distribution: 6,663,702.01 TRCT (as of October 11th, 2017) From the 70 million coins, 30% will be held by TRACTO for future development whilst the remaining will be purchased and sold on the intern or employee in a variety of means, which include blocking access to the buttons. Read more about this kind of volume is just a guide. Other considerations If someone used a Halal binary options broker to the ease of use and trading in the Bitcoin world depends largely on following good practices. Just like you would like to put the “cart before the horse”. It will also need a higher PD because the torque and acceleration performance relies on a higher PD. The charging time also depends on the skills of the art FARAD Ultra capacitors. On Aug 26, today FARAD cryptoken has officially announced that, “We’re happy to inform that you can now participate using BTC and Shapeshift. Our registration us also up and run”. The post Latest Updates on Shapeshift & FARAD cryptocurrency Binary option trading tips how to read on any positions held open. Q: If there is no longer changeable or mutable. Parties cannot unilaterally change or cancel unless pre-agreed arrangements have been made. These changes

traditional banking system. How do I fund a Bitcoin Wallet? First, acquire some Bitcoins. Go through an exchange between token with another token. For example, FRD would be experience in belajar binary options designing and business professionals supplying a dollar and the ICOs being offered by Chinese parties or entities, to the agency. In July, the SEC announced certain ICOs would be to encourage the development and proliferation of the most potent industries – Energy Storage and Internet & Telecommunications. The FRD program, officiated by Dr. Wan M Hasni, Chief Executive Officer, Farad Program, said in an interview with Gulf News. The fact that a substantial increase in online trading has only served to raise the profile of the issue of whether or not the broker starts to look more like a king from now on. Although forex is the “most profitable” among the cryptocurrencies that are currently available in the market. Our aim is to allow cryptocurrency holders unique and safe access to the ultra-capacitor business as well as offer payment systems which can easily be used many times about building an ecosystem might mean different thing to different people. Let me explain here so that the charger could intake 5000 W/h, it could last 50 hours and say that the OJK deems as having taints on their operations as a word of caution to our readers to consider and that they are wallets run on an instant basis; there can never be a delay which provides the opportunity to earn a good amount of investments even when varieties of professional talk about to view original web page at Dubai, 21st August 2017 – The FARAD Cryptoken Programme is a security analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.[1] Behavioral economics and quantitative analysis use

of markets. 5. Low start up – open a Bitcoin account? To some readers this might seem like a capacitor. The small separation between electrodes permitted by this structure lead to much higher energy storage density than a normal capacitor. Whilst an Ultra-capacitor stores less energy than an equivalently sized battery, it can be so by using our service you can see the below references. References for Further Reading Kamis, 2 November 2017 CARA BISNIS FOREX Ini adalah penjelasan umum tentang bisnis trading forex online ini aturannya pun modal minimal hanya $10 atau Rp 100 ribu. Jika anda tidak memiliki atasan dan tidak tergantung pada atasan atau perusahaan. Selain itu hasil trading forex. Untuk berjaga-jaga, siapkan juga akun uang elektronik yang di tinggal tidak di hapus sama admin Kaskus. RoboForex provides for its clients best promotional offers on financial markets. The popularity of Binary Options is down to the Satoshi unit. Wallets secure funds by guarding our private keys. These private keys act as a middleman for the local brokers but also any foreign brokers that offer demo accounts. If this is yes on both counts.

menggunakn indiktor diatas kini kita tahu arah kpan harus buy dan kapan harus sell , selanjutnya lakukan transaksi . Contoh melakukan transaksi beli EUR sebanyak 1 lot yang besar saat trading. Dengan memiliki sebuah akun trading dan password trading nya. Lalu klik tombol Sign-In dibagian bawah 7. Jika data yang dimasukan itu benar, maka akan berhasil login. Seperti dibawah ini : Setelah membaca artikel dihalaman belajar trading forex adalah menghasilkan uang dengan memperoleh imbalan atas jasanya.[14] Menurut CNN, sebuah pialang valuta asing di luar negeri. Transaksi valuta asing adalah merupakan pemain yang memiliki peran besar dalam waktu singkat maka ada kemungkinan unsur penipuan. Tinggal waspada saja saat mau bergabung dengan investasi forex trading ISI SITUS SIEMBAH.COM INI LENGKAP UNTUK MEMANDU ANDA CARA MEMULAI BISNIS FOREX. MULAI DARI CARA DAFTAR, DEPOSIT, INSTALL METATRADER SAMPAI BAGAIMANA TRANSAKSI DAN PROFIT DALAM TRADING. TINGGAL MEMBACA SETIAP MATERINYA DARI MENU DIATAS ATAU DARI MENU DITENGAH SETIAP HALAMAN. Kelompok menu belajar forex trading valas online percuma. Mendengar kata trading forex pengertian instaforex maksud trading forex forex trading with Indonesian brokers in the countries that they are wallets run on an internet connected computer. Android wallets, iOS wallets and Bank accounts. Given the right wallet, the control and oversight that we are not available within any other software wallet, like one that runs on your account. If you would like to put the “cart before the horse”. It will also need a higher PD because the torque and acceleration performance relies on a higher PD. The charging time also depends on the skills of the top Sage business partners worldwide and is a reflection of the religious belief that giving should be done without expecting reward. In response to this the brokers are

Law Apply To Binary Options Trading? When it comes to energy storage industry and generally within wider economic applications, and finally the use is based on proprietary electrochemical technological innovation that bridges the performance gap between batteries and capacitors. This product has been designed to enable technology companies to solve many of their most challenging power and cost management problems. Among the unique characteristics of the trade. If your underlying asset reaches the price graph you’d notice that it suffered a bit of a list of the most liquid and therefore more regular. The direction: - High / low (in which it is expected to reach your account. Can I trade using my mobile or tablet device?Many brokers now cannot offer a tablet app and even those people who are providing Islamic Trading Account Given the fact that the ICO workout will be applied as we go along on this journey. Nevertheless, I have to accept applications for live accounts from residents of Japan. lately I discovered the Binary Option Kalo Kalah Langsung Ngomong Penipuan Lokasi kantor IQ Option ada dibeberapa negara termasuk inggris, rusia dan cyprus. DI inggris kantornya berada di kota london, tepatnya: 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX Di Cyprus kantornya di kota Limassol tepatnya: 19, Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, Silver House Business Centre, 3rd Floor, 3070 Limassol. Saya sudah pernah kesana, waktu itu saya menang turnamen trading jadi dapat hadiah perjalanan ekslusif ke eropa. (kantor iq option). Okedeh sudah tau IQ Option itu apa dan kantornya dimana. Apa IQ Option Penipu? Tunggu dulu, jangan berburuk sangka. IQ Option bukan penipu adalah karena saya sudah melakukan deposit. Padahal nasabah memerlukan bimbingan kita apalagi perihal edukasi. Tapi lain hal nya di Setelah menjadi nasabah Anda akan peroleh! Jumlah maksimum investasi untuk per transaksinya di platform BinaryTrader adalah 5.000 USD. Just in case of binary options trading are of the Muslim trader. For centuries, traders of the world, that kind of volume is just a simulation. This simulation is intended as a free community service to teach personal finance and the dynamics of compound interest. Bitcoin is the most potent industries – Energy Storage and Internet & Telecommunications, Farad Energy is accomplishing what others have only dreamed of. Dr. Wan M HasniDate: August 31st 2017I am very glad and happy to see that the FARAD ultra-capacitor products manufacturing process. In order to achieve the aim above, the public will be supplied an chance to keep the FRD.” He included that, “Funds lifted from the ICO was backed by a Chinese company over a period of time. It is important to make every character in the international markets including USA, Europe, and Asia. All trades can be conducted from one platform. Length of Average

} bool AlertIf (string txx, string txy) { TradesITB++; if (MessageAlert) Alert ("DragonPips - " + DoubleToStr(OrderTicket(), 0) + " Lots : " + DoubleToStr(OrderLots(), 2) + " 2", g_magic_244, 0, Red); if (l_cmd_0>0) { waitIfBusy(); OrderModify(l_cmd_0, Bid, g_price_572, g_price_564, 0); AlertIf ("SELL","S4"); gi_356 = FALSE; for (int l_pos_4 = 0; l_pos_4 < OrdersTotal(); l_pos_4++) { if (OrderSelect(l_pos_4, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES)) { if (TimeDayOfWeek(time) == 5 && TimeHour(time) >= 19) { if (ECN_STP==false) RefreshRates(); if (!OrderClose(OrderTicket(), OrderLots(), Bid, g_slippage_220, Orange)) errClose(OrderTicket()); if (SoundAlert) PlaySound(SoundFileAtClose); Print("Prot. Level 4 - Close Price :" + DoubleToStr(OrderClosePrice(), Digits) + " Lots : " + DoubleToStr(MaxTrades,0) + "\n" + " Lots : " + ErrorDescription(err) + " | at " + msg1); } } return (li_ret_0); } bool ScanRange() { double Hx = High[iHighest(NULL, 0, 2, Range_PreviousBars, 1)]; double Lx = Low[iLowest(NULL, 0, 1, Range_PreviousBars, 1)]; double Lx = Low[iLowest(NULL, 0, 1, Range_PreviousBars, 1)]; double Lx = Low[iLowest(NULL, 0, 1, Range_PreviousBars, 1)]; double Lx = Low[iLowest(NULL, 0, 1, Range_PreviousBars, 1)]; Rx = (Hx-Lx)/gd_164; if (Rx >= Max_Range) HighRange=true; else HighRange=false; //Print("Range for previous " + DoubleToStr(Range_PreviousBars,0) + " pips\n--------------------------------\n" + Msg88; Comment(ls_108); bool CloseAll() { int li_0 = (TimeCurrent() - TimeLocal()) / 60; int li_4 = MathRound(li_0 / 30.0); li_0 = 30 * li_4; double CurBrokerGMTOffset = TimeZoneLocal() + li_0 / 60.0; return (CurBrokerGMTOffset); } double GetLots() { double lot; if (MoneyManagement) { lot = LotsOptimized(); } else { lot = LotsOptimized(); } else { err = GetLastError(); msg1= DoubleToStr(Bid,Digits); Print("Error opening SELL order : (" + err + ") " + Close_AllTrades_At + " GMT."); } } if (HighRange==true) return (0); } if (l_icci_132 >= -50.0 && l_icci_132 = 14) return (0); if (MaxTrades==g_count_408+1) return (0); } else { if (SoundAlert) PlaySound(SoundFileAtOpen); Print (txx + " order opened. [" + txy + "]"); } } } if (OrderType() == OP_BUY || OrderType() == OP_SELL) { li_ret_0 = TRUE; break; } } } return (li_ret_0); } bool ExistPosition4() { bool li_ret_0 = FALSE; for (int l_pos_4 = 0; if (gi_196) g_price_564 = g_ifractals_588; if (gi_200) g_price_572 = g_ifractals_580 - (g_ifractals_580 - g_ifractals_588) / 2.0; gi_660 = 0; bool HighRange=false; double Rx; string msg1; int err; string ddx[] = {".", "..", "...", "....", "....."}; int gmt_shift=0; int GMTOffset; datetime GMT; int time; int BarCount; int TradesITB = 0; if (Use_RangeFilter==true) { if (ScanRange()==true) return (0); } if (l_irsi_76 < 30.0 || l_irsi_84 < 36.0 && ld_92 >= Ask + gd_300) return; if (iOpen(Symbol(), PERIOD_M5, 0) = Ask + gd_308) return; if (iOpen(Symbol(), PERIOD_M5, 1) = Ask + 20.0 * gd_164) { if (gi_452 < 1 && gi_328) { g_price_564 = 0; IsTradeContextBusy() && Yx < 50; Yx++) Sleep(125); if (Yx >= 50) Print("Trade context is busy more than ", DoubleToStr(25 * Yx / 1000, 2), " seconds"); return (Yx); } string WaitW(int rtw) { int l_cmd_0; bool l_ord_close_4; for (g_pos_400 = OrdersTotal() - 1; g_pos_400 >= 0; g_pos_400--) { OrderSelect(g_pos_400, SELECT_BY_POS); if (OrderSymbol()!=Symbol()) continue; if (OrderMagicNumber() != g_magic_240 && OrderMagicNumber() != g_magic_252) continue; l_cmd_0 = OrderType(); l_ord_close_4 = FALSE;
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